CDA's Industrial Non-Destructive Testing Program

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A career in the field of Industrial Nondestructive Testing requires knowledge of engineering, technology, critical thinking and complex problem solving skills.  Successful candidates in this field are comfortable with computers and electronics, able to make meaningful judgments and decisions and have excellent communication skills.

The need for quality technicians in the field of nondestructive testing is growing in many areas of the country, especially in industrialized coastal areas.

CDA Technical Institute's INDT Program is unique, complete, and comprehensive. The unmatched training provides all skill sets necessary to go to work immediately upon graduation. We are looking for those who strive for excellence.

The range for an entry level nondestructive testing specialist depends on your experience level and where you choose to work. There are many opportunities available. The median wage in 2011 for employees in this field was $28.21 hourly or $58,670 annual.  As a new graduate, you may expect to earn $15 to $20 per hour while those at the top of this field may earn as much as $89,000 annually (according to the US Department of Labor and Statistics).

If you are serious about a career in the field of industrial nondestructive testing and want to go to a program that focuses on the real-world experience, then CDA Technical Institute could be the right training for you. Call our experienced Admissions team today at 888-974-2232 or request a free career packet.