CDA's Industrial Non-Destructive Testing Program

CDA's Medical Assistant Program


Do I need prior experience?

No, our INDT program was developed to provide a solid foundation and all the necessary skills to be a successful industrial nondestructive testing technician.

What if I have prior experience?

The program will build on your skill level and provide additional training to ensure your success.

Do you offer job placement assistant?

Yes, CDA maintains a career counseling and job assistance service.  Through its many contacts among the related industries, CDA is committed to assisting its students with finding entry level employment. Further, CDA also extends this service to its alumni who have switched jobs. CDA Technical Institute does not guarantee students employment upon graduation for any of its locations.

Where can I work?

Industrial nondestructive testing inspectors have successful careers working in power plants, manufacturing facilities, the oil industry, pipeline maintenance, and aerospace engineering.

What is a typical day of school like?

CDA prides itself on creating a training environment that reflects the real world of industrial nondestructive testing. The training is comprised of both the academic and practical aspects of nondestructive testing.  Classes are held from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The lab is open from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm for practical assessments.

What income should I expect to earn?

The range for an entry level nondestructive testing technician depends on your experience level and where you choose to work. There are many opportunities available. The median wage in 2011 for employees in this field was $28.21 hourly or $58,670 annual.  As a new graduate, you may expect to earn $15 to $20 per hour while those at the top of this field may earn as much as $89,000 annually (according to the US Department of Labor and Statistics).

Do you offer campus tours?

Yes, CDA welcomes prospective students to tour the school prior to enrollment. Tours are by appointment, so please call 888 974-2232 or email Linwood Nobel at

During the tours there will be an informational session, a review of the industry related to the program, and a walking tour of the campus.  In addition, we will discussion of the CDA Advantage and how it will benefit your career.

Is Financial Aid available?

Yes, CDA accepts Title IV federal financial aid, Florida Prepaid, the GI Bill (including Post 911 benefits), State and VA Vocational Rehabilitation funding, and works with Fifth Third Bank and Sallie Mae to provide private student loans, known as Smart Option loans, which are credit based and may require a co-signer. Call Admissions for details.

Is housing available?

CDA will help arrange off-campus housing for enrolled students.  There are several options close to campus, please feel free to contact the admission office for assistance.

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